PHYSIOGRIP Segments are now available in sets of Twelve

Physiostorm Drumsticks is now offering Physiogrip segments to add grips to your drumsticks. The four types of reusable rubber segments include Grooved, Ridged, Pebbled, and Smooth. They are available in sets of 12. Descriptions of the textures of each type are listed on the website.

In Search of American Made Products This Holiday Season?

All products offered by Physiostorm Drumsticks are manufactured in the USA.

Physiosticks are produced from high quality American Hickory.

Physiogrips are comprised of latex free, high tear-resistant silicone.








Physiostorm Drumsticks Featured in January 2020 Modern Drummer New & Notable Section

The Ideal Gift for the Drummer on Your Christmas List


The idea of purchasing a meaningful gift for the drummer in your life can be daunting if you do not share the expertise. Each drummer has a unique play style and personal preferences which can vary even further based on genre.

Physiostorm Drumsticks are a unique, customized gift offering over 1...

Struggling With Decision on Which Physiogrips to Choose?



Each style of Physiogrip provides comfort, alleviates pressure points, reduces hand fatigue, protects from blisters, isolates vibration, and creates tactile advantage to prevent dropping of sticks. For those of you who are new to our site and are wondering which Physiogrips are best for you,...

In Beat with Fitness


Whether you are currently a fan of cardio drumming or new to this form of exercise, consider Physiostorm Drumsticks as an essential piece of your workout equipment.  For a heavier weighted pair of sticks, we recommend the marching or no taper size.  For smaller hands or light weight preference...

Highlighting Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts


January is marked as the Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  24/7/365 passionate organizations are fighting to overcome this atrocity.  These are just a few that we admire.   Please take the time to visit their websites and learn about all they are doing on the front lines.  

Click on the links ...

Why Physiostorm Drumsticks are an Economical Investment


Control Room 2 physiostorm drumsticks


Any serious drummer knows the cost of drumming extends beyond the price tag of a good kit.  Depending upon your play style, you may have invested in expensive wraps or sleeves that were thrown away with the broken stick.  Perhaps you've sought medical intervention to relieve symptoms from th...

Drumming --- A Key Component of Music Therapy

Physiostorm Drumsticks on snare dark background


A quick internet search will yield endless results on the proven health benefits of music.  While most people are familiar with the success of this therapeutic tool, drumming is a key component, drawing more attention each day.  Multiple promising studies show drumming helps to:


  • fight dep...
Reduce and Prevent Pain While Drumming




Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, all drummers have felt the pain of pursuing their passion.  Common issues arise from the excessive vibration that travels through the hands, wrists, and arms.  All four types of PHYSIOGRIPs isolate these vibrations, offering increased comfort.  Th...